Premier Internal Medicine
                                               Jesse Broome M.D.
                                                   Board Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

               Early in 2009, Dr. Broome re-opened his practice after being retired for several years. 
            It is important to consider how he has maintained his medical skills during this time, and
            the physician has re-entered the Profession of Medicine with this issue at the forefront. 
            To view details of the doctor's extensive preparations Click Here.

            The bottom line is you get a physician with 20 years experience overall clinical practice
            in Internal Medicine AND a Doctor who recently completed an exhaustive review and
            update in the practice of medicine. 
               And now for some nautical trivia - during his retirement, Dr. Broome became a licensed
            Captain in the United States Merchant Marine and worked part-time as a Charter Captain. 
            For more about Dr. Broome's nautical experiences Click Here.

            Did you know that Dr. Broome holds a first degree Black Belt in the Korean Karate style of 
            Tang Soo Do?
  Click Here to learn about the path the physician traveled in discovering 'Chi'
            and Medical Acupuncture.
  Your doctor can use his advanced knowledge and experience in
            the Martial Arts to help you find your
correct path to fitness.
            Need to get in shape? Want a doctor who practices what he preaches? Click Here to learn
Dr. Broome's recent experiences in distance running, and how he qualified for the
            Boston Marathon.
  Want a hint? He had to learn Chi Running!

                                                           AND as Dr. Broome is fond of saying -
                                      "If you are a runner, your Doctor should be a runner"