AT PREMIER INTERNAL MEDICINE

    Premier Internal Medicine can be considered a type of Direct Primary Care practice.  As
    explained elsewhere in this website, this type of practice has many advantages.  However,
    it is important to understand that the practice agreement does not provide comprehensive
    health insurance coverage.  It provides only the provision of primary care as specifically
    described in the agreement.

   Specifically, the following applies to this type of Direct Primary Care practice:
    1. The practice agreement we fill out is not insurance.

    2. Only the scope of primary care specified in the practice agreement is provided

    3. You are required to pay for all services provided by the practice that are not specified
             in the agreement (in our case this only applies to acupuncture)

    4. The agreement alone does not satisfy the health benefit requirements as established in
            the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L 111-148) as amended