After suffering pain from fibromyalgia for 'most of my life' this patient noted

     'quick response (to acupuncture) - pain was lessened with the first introductory

      treatment and improvement continues with each treatment. *

     ' I have been seeing Dr. broome approimately 6 weeks and everytime I

      leave his office I feel better than when I came in'. ' I am gaining some of

      my life back as before.  I was about to give up on never feeling pain-free

      again.  Thank you, Dr. Broome.'

          J.S.    age 52

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    * Dr. Broome would like to note that indivudal responses to acupuncture
      for fibromyalgia can vary alot.  But he feels that at least 50% of patients
      can experience significant improvement - and as J.S. experienced, the
      response can be dramatic.