Acupuncture in Headache: a Critical Review - Clinical J Pain: 2000:16:334-339

         Role of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Migraine - Expert Review Neurotherapy

            A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Chronic Daily Headache
                                       Headache: 2005;45:1113-123

            Effectiveness and Tolerability of Acupuncture Compared With Metoprolol
                            in Migraine Prophylaxis - Headache;1/2007

    These studies provide evidence that acupuncture has significant benefits for patients
    with chronic
headaches - both migraine and tension-type. The randomized controlled
    studies showed efficacy
felt to be 'cost effective' compared to other modes of therapy. 
    As is usual in acupuncture studies,
it is hard to truely randomize the results since different
    acupuncture points are often used, and it
can be hard to determine 'control' acupuncture
    for the study.  However, these studies represent
further evidence based research as to
    areas where acupuncture seems to definitely work.  

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