Premier Internal Medicine
            Health Spending Account (HSA) Page
   At Premier Internal Medicine your subscription fee includes a yearly complete physical,
   including complete blood work and EKG.  The subscription fee also includes any necessary
   followup visits with Dr. Broome, and sick visits in our office during the year. 

   The cost of the yearly subscription fee will seem very worthwile once you factor in a
   complete physical, all the followup visits you need, and one or two sick visits -  compared
   to what high-deductible out of pocket expenses would be.  Imagine the cost difference between
   a same day sick visit with your personal physician versus a visit to an urgent care center! 
   (Any out of office tests or consultations would incur the fee that particular provider charges)*

   Consider the aforementioned along with Dr. Broome's  'Generic Drug Prescription Program'
   You may conclude that your yearly  health care costs could be significantly reduced while still
   enjoying all the benefits of the 'Premier' doctor-patient relationship. And, we supply your
   yearly influenza vaccination!

   Most HSA's will reimburse the practice membership fee**. We will supply you with an appropriate
   statement at each year's end.

   It begins to make alot of sense to be in this 'Premier' practice while maintaining your high-
   deductible HSA Insurance Plan!

  *We will have in-office testing available to diagnose common problems such as
    strep throat and urinary tract infections; and will be able to treat things like simple
    nose-bleeds,  and do minor incision and drainage - at no extra expense to you

  **Please verify with your plan administrator