About Insurance at Premier Internal Medicine

        Premier Internal Medicine is one of the few 'concierge' medical practices in the area.  This
      type of practice allows Dr. Broome to provide exceptional medical care, and for you to
      enjoy a 'Premier' doctor-patient relationship.  There are no co-payments or additional fees
      other than your monthly subscription rate. 

        To be able to provide this 'PREMIER' doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Broome no longer
       participates with any insurance companies.  The practice is entirely supported by your
       monthly 'subscription' fee. It is by removing the 'middle man' in your doctor-patient
       relationship that allows this whole model to occur.

      INCLUDED with your subscription membership is a complete Annual Physical, (including
      EKG and blood panel), all necessary followup appointments in the office, and same day
      appointments when needed! 

      However, Dr. Broome feels that all patients still need their health insurance to cover when
      lab tests, xrays, or services provided by other facilities or consultant physicians are required.
      He must be able to order your tests and refer you to specialists to help manage your care. 
      So you will need to have an insurance policy that allows for this.  We do not do any insurance
      billing in the office, but you can be sure that our staff will go to bat for you to make sure
      you get the tests and appointments you need!

      Medicare, Tricare for life, Champus, Federal Blue Cross, and other insurance which do not
      require a referral will work in this practice.  HMO's and some POS insurance plans do not
      work this way.  We are standing by at Premier Internal Medicine to assist with this important
      issue.  Call 351-6226 for assistance.