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        During his 25 year career in Virginia, Dr. Broome has provided ICU, CCU, Hospitalist
      and Outpatient care - encompassing all levels of the spectrum of medical care.  This
      perspective has provided the physician the experience and insight to manage every level
      of medical care. This allows the doctor to bring all these levels of experience to the concierge
      medicine model.

      Included in your membership is your complete yearly physical, EKG's, blood draws, all followup
      visits, any sick visits and any hospital visits which might be necessary.  Your doctor will be
      available for same, or next day appointments, and you can contact him 24/7 by phone if necessary.
      We will draw your blood in the office and send it to the lab that is covered by your insurance, so
      no extra trips out for blood tests.  Dr. Broome has always maintained an electronic medical record,
      and you will have access to up to date electronic summaries of your medical history and medication
      list.  The EMR is also used to keep all preventative medicine schedules up to date.  Plus you get to
      take advantage of the physician's extensive knowledge and experience in fitness, nutrition, and
      preventative medicine.

      By focusing on preventative medicine and optimal care of ongoing medical problems, our
      hope is to keep our patients from ever having to enter the hospital as a patient.  However,
      if you do require hospitalization, you will have the benefit of the Hospitalist specialty care,
      AS WELL AS Dr. Broome's visits with attention to the co-ordination of your care.

      The approach allows the critically ill patient to see his/her own personal physician in the
      hospital while still taking advantage of the specialty services available.  It will also provide
      the smoothest possible transition of care, back to an outpatient, for those that require
      hospitalization.  Those of you who have already experienced a hospitalization already know
      the value of this service.