The following are excerpts from a January 8, 2009
                        letter by Jesse Broome M.D. to
                   Sentara Hospitals Credentialing Office

     (To Whom this Concerns:)

     Shortly after experiencing a family tragedy in 2003, I elected to retire early from
     my outpatient practice to spend time with my remaining family, and to more fully
     deal with the loss of my daughter.  It is important to note that this retirement was
     accomplished while my practice of medicine was entirely in good standing.

             (some technical details of the retirement have been omitted here)

         In 2008, I exceeded the Board of Medicine's requirement of 120 Type 1 CME
     by earning over 165 Type 1 CME credits. This ultimately led to my appointment
     as 'Fellow of Advanced Medical Studies' in the Society of  Contemporary Medicine
     and Surgery.  My review also included  re-commiting to memory Schrier's textbook
     on Renal and Elecrolyte Disorders, Mariott's textbook on Practical Electrocardiography,
     a complete review of Levene and Calnan's Colour Atlas of Dermatology, and a
     systemic review of Harrison Textbook of Internal Medicine (17th Ed., 2008).  This
     review accounted for literally hundreds of Type 2 CME credits, which (for obvious
     reasons) I have not officially documented.  My review has also included detail  re-
     analysis of the Electronic Medical Record I used in my clinical practice, and  updating
     the various templates to current clinical classifications and guidelines.  As a result
     of these preparations, I am more than prepared to re-enter the outpatient practice of
     Internal Medicine.

     In summary, after an early retirement, I now wish to re-enter the practice of Medicine
     at age 51.  My preparation to re-enter the profession is comparable to the high
     standards of practice I maintained in my 20 year career as a General Internist. 
     I am therefore confident of resuming at, or above, the level of practice I retired from.

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