"I believe the acupuncture has halted the progression of
         my macular degeneration.
"There is no discomfort when
         Dr. Broome inserts the needles. I meditate during the

         procedure so I find my acupuncture treatment very restful
         and pleasant".
                                                 J.K - Age 76

      * Baseline eye exams are required at the initiation of this
         treatment program.  A followup
visual exam is done after
         completion of the program, and those with improvment/
of symptoms continue on with monthly
         maintenance treatments.  The initial sequence of
         consist of 8-10 weekly visits. As always, Dr. Broome insists
         that acupuncture
patients consult with their (eye) doctor in
         order to consider standard medical treatments first.
        You should wait until active medical treatments are
         completed to enter into an acupuncture trial.

        A 2006 article published in JAAMA (Journal of the
        American Academy of Medical Acupuncture) specifically
        discusses this issue. To read this article, ClickHere.

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