In 2010 Dr. Broome celebrated his first full year of re-entering practice!
      The physician's preparation to re-enter clinical practice was comparable to the
      standards of practice he maintained in his 20 year career as a General Internist. 
      Click Here to view an excerpt from the physician's re-credentialing statement.

      Click Here to view  Dr. Broome's fellowship award of Advanced Medical Studies
      which he earned in 2008.   To qualify for this award, Dr. Broome had to complete
      150 hours of CME in the past 3 years (he has finished over 200 hours of CME
      since August of 2008)

      Also on this page we will soon display the results of the SPEX examination
      the physician took in December of 2008.  (His score of '88' was about the
      95th percentile!) The physician chose to voluntarily sit for this exam in order
      to objectively document the results of his preparations.

      The SPEX (Special Purpose Examination) is administered by the Federation
      of State Medical Boards to physicians who have (for whatever reason) been
      out of active practice.  The examination is designed to test a physician's ability
      to practice general medicine.  This included pediatrics and obstetrics, two areas
      outside of a General Internist's expertise.

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