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                                                         What is Medical Acupuncture?

    Medical Acupuncture is a study in combining evidence based medicine with the ancient art
    of acupuncture.  The ideal
goal is to provide integrated treatment from both of these worlds.
    It is the modern General Internist's first responsibility to
diagnose a medical problem based on
    the standard of allopathic care.  That means that a medical diagnosis is reached, and
    rendered in an evidence based fashion.  Only then is the acupuncture brought in to supplement
    or augment the
medical treatment. 
          However, sometimes the acupuncture can be as effective without the same side effects of
    the medicines
used.  In other words, with Medical Acupuncture the physician can then suggest
    medication, or acupuncture, or a combination of the two,
as reasonable treatment choices. 
    Dr. Broome became qualified to practice acupuncture in Virginia Beach in 1999, and has 20
    years experience practicing Internal Medicine.

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